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Try new things on Firefox for Android before they're released


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Firefox Beta is a version of the famous Mozilla Internet browser, that gives you a first-hand look at all the changes made to the tool, before anybody else. The app is mainly aimed at those who want to contribute to improving this browser, even if it means possibly running into some unstable changes from time to time.

In short, Firefox Beta gives you access to safety, performance, and customization improvements before they're released in the normal version of Firefox. You can enjoy new features before anyone else, and also have a hand in improving any important aspects of the app, ultimately helping the company progress and evolve.

This app looks exactly like the normal version of the browser, aside from some features that might be included in the future. You can save your favorite websites, create shortcuts to the sites you visit most, share links on social networks, and easily sync extensions. You can browse and enjoy Firefox, while you also contribute to its community by just using it.
Here are all of the official versions of Firefox for Android

Browser developers love to complicate things. If a 'Lite' version of the standard client wasn't enough, now you have to keep track of beta versions and other experimental lines. You have to take special care with Firefox, whose developer Mozilla seems to introduce a new version monthly. Here is a list of all of the company's browsers that are currently available on Android.
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Download the beta for the new Firefox 57 Quantum now

In Firefox's relentless battle to take on the impregnable Chrome, they've hit a huge milestone with version 57 of their browser. The beta for it is out now for download and includes the new Servo engine whose performance couldn't be more heartening: Firefox is now twice as fast as it was a year ago. Although version 56 isn't set to auto-update to Quantum on iOS/Android and desktops until November 14, you can get a sneak peek by installing the beta via APK.
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